Size: 10"

LE Only 50 each.

Hansel Face: Alice

Gretel face: Zandri.

Hat and jacket of Hansel are from felt
with stiching for detail.
With his
feather in his cap, he is for sure the
"MAN" with a lot of confidence.

Gretel has her crochet shawl, from
her grandmother, and an apron
decorated with daisies. She is a
perfect friend for life for Hansel.

Hansel and Gretel is a Shop Exclusive
for Happily Ever After. They are in
stock right now and can be ordered
direct at:


$25 Of every doll sold will be going to
Beautiful Gate, in Lesotho, South Africa,
a Care Centre for abandoned and
HIV/AIDS affected children.

Every Hansel will have a candycane, lollipop and gingerbread man
made by Deb Troehler.