About Us

We emigrated from South Africa in 1996 and I became an American Citizen in
November 2004, and at last I felt that I had a “home” again. I could not do it
without my support groups; my South African “family”, my American friends,
my dealers and my collectors.

In presenting my new line this year, I have gone full circle from 1996 to 2008.
Planning and developing for 2008 was very challenging; however the input from my family,
dealers and collectors were invaluable. The outcome of the extended brainstorming
has been very exciting and rewarding.

Very Exciting would describe my basic vinyl line, the “MagneKids”.  I wanted to make a doll this
year that people could play with by changing the wigs and their positions, without being scared to
handle the doll. Every doll will have an extra pair of legs and arms allowing them to change from a
standing to a sitting position. Every part will be “As Easy As One, Two, Click” with the help of magnets.

In the 1930’s and 1940s there were mannequins made that was specially done for children to remove the
arms, by Singer, Simplicity, Butterick and McCall’s pattern Company. It was so much easier for the girls to
sew for the dolls that way. My “MagneKids” will be a more modern version of that with the help of
magnets. Imagine how easy it will be now to dress a doll with long sleeves... Or even sew for these little
girls?This will be great and everyone is already so very excited to get his very own “MagneKid.”

This line will be available through dealers.

Extremely excited would describe my first BJD’s. I fell in LOVE with the dolls when sculpting them
and going through every step of their development with my factory. They grew in my heart like my
own children. They are wonderfully life like and you can change the eyes, wigs and clothing;
they will be extremely popular and fun to play with in a more delicate way.

With the help of Charlene and my sons, we developed another Exciting website called
NetCollecting.com.This will be a website where artists can work directly with their collectors.
I personally think that this is an invaluable and very important connection to have. The collectors
are very dear to us but this website will also give the artists an opportunity to connect with the
collectors in a personal way. Artists will make exclusive dolls specially designed for this website.
This will be One-stop-shopping for collectors and allow them to buy Artists exclusives directly
from the artists.

I sincerely hope you all enjoy my 2008 line. Thanks for all your support through the eleven years that I have been “HOME’ now.

These are my 4 x one-of-a-kind dolls ( not for sale)
They are so supportive of my business and are my biggest
fans. Charlene, Michael-John, Keith and Kevin. I thank them
dearly for always being there for me.

"Ouma" my mother is in South Africa at the moment.
She is still part of our American Family.
Thanks to her supporting me always!!!!