With my 2009 series I decided to take a new look at real life.

At the Modern Doll Collectors Convention 2008 banquet,
we were dressed like pirates and I was
“voluntarily forced” into an outfit. To my great
surprise I became the character, and that freed me up
to perform better and have more fun.

With life being very hard and difficult at times, we as
doll artists and collectors can also dress up or wear masks
to just escape from real life, and live in our own doll
imagination world. Life can be truly magic that way!

You can be whoever you want. “The Magic of Dolls”
can project us into Imagination Dolly World!

If we choose not to put on a pirate outfit, we have other
options or “clothing” that we can wear,
“clothing” like Compassion, Kindness, Humility,
Gentleness, Patience and Forgiveness. When dressing
ourselves up in this “clothing” we will change from
the inside out and attract an abundance of LOVE.
Whether we give love or receive love, with our masks
or without, life will and can only be Magic!