This year will be 17 years since we moved from South Africa to the United States in January 1996. My small family has grown so big with all of our New South African Family living in and around Gainesville. I also have an extended family, my collectors. I became such good friends with the most wonderful “Adopted Mothers” of my “Little Girls. I am very blessed to live in America and I have all my family and collectors to thank for that. This year from 7-25th of March, I will be taking a tour group of Collectors over to South Africa to show them my beautiful Country, and to go and visit my Mum, who became such good friends with most of them.

I’ve loved dancing all my life and the only way I can dance now is through my dolls. So going with “Graceful Dancing Flowers” as my theme for this year, is a perfect match if you look at Venus, Lily-Rose and Prim-Rose. Then there are more to come, Petu-Nia and Daffo-Dil.

Using the names of flowers is bringing my Mum, who is 85 now, into my dolls again this year. She loves flowers and that is why she became a watercolor painter/artist, painting only flowers. I am combining my sculpting, her painting and Charlene’s graphic designing skills in a fun project. (3 generation of woman working together). Watch out at Shows and Convention for this.

We actually are 4 generations right now in the family, very precious!!!! I became a proud Grandmother for the first time. Skyler is the light of our lives and he is one loving, happy little boy. He loves his “Ouma” and just like all of us, the outdoors. Another little camper and skydiver for sure!!!

I think that to dance and to move with the music makes you forget about the difficulties in life, you can visualize yourself in a different world and just be your best self. It teaches you to think that you can do something extraordinary. It is a good workout, just as laughing is. So let’s laugh and dance our way through 2013, loving life and loving everyone around us.