Very exciting this year is a NEW size, 17”. I have done sizes from 5”, 8”, 10”, 12 ¾” and now 17” in the BJD group. I am completely in love with my new size. They are so realistic and that is what I like about them. I love my new body, it was a dream to design her clothes and it was so much easier for my seamstresses to make exquisite clothing for them. Creating my new line was so easy this year. I knew I wanted to go 17”, so I had her body and face all figured out in my mind. My thoughts this year was to create “Flower Beauties”. The first in my series will be “Protea”. My Mum is a water color painter and her LOVE was and still is painting Flowers. If you look at the creation and the detail in every flower, one realizes how much time went into that. Just like sculpting every fine detail on the doll and design every detail of the outfit, let me think of our Creator sculpting the flowers in the universe and my Mum painting them. Hours and hours of perfection were spend to reach realism.

Visiting South Africa this year after 7 years, from 23rd November till 8th January made me realize the beauty of the Protea flower. Visiting a Protea farm of my sister’s son, Ben, completely changed my series of dolls for 2012. The Protea is the national flower of South Africa and gets exported to every country in the world. Still to come in the 17” series will be “Red-Ruben” and “Cyneroide”.
These are all names of the protea flower.

She will be dressed by Gale Torres, Michele Hardy, Connie Lowe and Val Zeltzner Collectors will have a choice of what outfit they will have on their 17” BJD. These are all amazing artist in their field and I feel honored to use them for my New line for 2012.

For all my Conventions and Tea Time events, I will still keep my 8” dolls as very exclusive. You can only get them going to these events or Conventions. I will also have 2 different faces for my New 17” body. There might be one 5” coming that will be very exclusive.